Fire Rating on Fireproof Gun Safe

When it comes to a fireproof gun safe, it means that there is a standard that measures how long the safe can withstand the fire. For example, a fireproof gun safe has a one-hour fire rating, it means that the fireproof gun safe is able to resist for one hour. It’s equal for two hours, three hours and four hours.

There is an independent testing lab called Underwriters Laboratories issues a fire rating standard a safe

1. Class 125
The meaning of class 125 is the safe can withstand the inside temperature of safe stay under 125 degree of Fahrenheit. Why must 125 degrees of Fahrenheit? It’s because of some medias start burned at 125 degrees of Fahrenheit. If the safe contains medias such as floppy disk, the safe with inside temperature more than 125 Fahrenheit, the floppy disk burns.
2. Class 150
The meaning of class 150 is no different with class 125. It’s only a matter of temperature.
3. Class 350
It works for class 350, too. This class is most common class nowadays. The media with this burning temperature is paper. Wood has higher burning temperature than paper. So, burning temperature of paper becomes standard temperature of most safes nowadays.

This fire rating has a classification for every class. There are one-hour, two hours, three hours and four hours.

When you turn to a plan of buying a gun safe, you need a class 350 gun safe. So, your content such as paper, guns and ammo are suited to place into it in terms of its fire protection class. You need to consider the classification of class 350, too. The longer, the better protection you get, the more expensive it is. You should have a longer one to ensure the safety of content while it’s facing an event of a fire.

There is also one factor you need to look eventually when buying a fireproof gun safe. Who is the testing lab that issues the fire rating of your next fireproof gun safe? While we talk about fireproof gun safe, there is no fireproof gun safe available on the market that has UL Listed fire rating. Most of them have fire rating issued by the manufacturers. Some have fire rating from other testing labs. So, getting UL Listed fire rating is the best way but it’s impossible since it costs so much. Rely on the testing lab from trusted one.


Locking System of Fireproof Gun Safe

A best gun safe is not only having fireproof feature as its safe feature but also having good locking sytem to ensure the content hard to access. The locking system of fireproof gun safe is not different than the same locking system found at a general gun safe. There are three types of locking system:

  1. Mechanical Lock, spin the lock until the three number combination appear to unlock
  2. Electrical / Digital Lock, type the keypad with the password
  3. Biometric Lock, put your finger to proper the finger scanning to unlock

Every lock system has the pros and cons. It’s up to you to choose what you want. As my reviews, here presented the pros and cons of every lock

  1. Mechanical Lock
Mechanical Lock

Mechanical Lock

Mechanical Lock presented since long time ago. It needs three combination of number to unlock.

  1. Digital Lock

Digital lock nowadays appears as the simple lock by touching the pads to enter the combination of numbers. The most advantage of this lock is the lock automatically locks when the door closed. However, it’s dangerous when it comes to children. Children with no any knowledge of this lock may be locked inside of gun safe. But, it’s when there’s no parents guarding the children. Due to this problem, it’s better not to tell our children the password.

  1. Biometric

Biometric scans your fingers to identify that you’re the user of the gun safe. As soon as the lock reads your finger, the gun safe door opened. It’s very simple. This technology nowadays spreads like virus. Since there are many people prefer to choose anything simple, this type lock comes to answer the need. However, the lock is only opened by one personal. It may become one disadvantage for this lock. Image that the user is not there, who are able to open the door?

Those are the types of lock you can choose. By understanding the pros and cons, you have been educated by a simple guide not to have a wrong choice. The more costs you buy, the more protection you get, it’s equal to worth the money you spend with high return.

Introducing Fireproof Gun Safe

Introducing Fireproof Gun Safe

Old Gun Safe

Fireproof gun safe becomes popular nowadays. The old function of gun safe now is not only for protecting guns from theft or other unallowed user access but also from fire. In some places, the number of fire disasters increases significantly. It warns us to put our guns into a secure place to prevent the fire damages. That’s why fireproof gun safe was born.

Manufacturing a gun safe with a fireproof feature is not the same with a common gun safe. It needs material that can resist high temperature. Materials such as wood, iron, aluminium are really weak resisting high temperature. One of the best material is steel. Steel is not easy to melt. It has high melting temperature. Fighting a 2000 degree of celsius is still nothing to it. So, most of high-quality fireproof gun safe is built of steel. There is also a composite material such sheet rock. It is also able to withstand high temperature.

Even though this material can withstand high temperature, it’s only for some minutes. There is a system class to classify the types of a fireproof gun safe. There are 30 minutes, one hour, two hours, three hours and four hours. The fireproof gun safe is protecting from the fire all the time. Example, there happens an event of a fire. A typical house fire is about 1200 degree of Fahrenheit. The gun safe has been created to hold the heat only for one hour. After one hour, if the fire has not been extinguished, the gun can’t resist the heat anymore. So the heat comes into the inside of the gun safe. If the heat can’t be blocked, the heat will burn any content of the inside.

That’s why when you try to buy a new fireproof gun safe, make sure you buy a good fireproof gun safe class.

Fireproof gun safe is a must-have protection for our guns. It can help us hold the fire burning our best guns.

Photo credit: EES10758 via photopin (license)