Introducing Fireproof Gun Safe

Introducing Fireproof Gun Safe

Old Gun Safe

Fireproof gun safe becomes popular nowadays. The old function of gun safe now is not only for protecting guns from theft or other unallowed user access but also from fire. In some places, the number of fire disasters increases significantly. It warns us to put our guns into a secure place to prevent the fire damages. That’s why fireproof gun safe was born.

Manufacturing a gun safe with a fireproof feature is not the same with a common gun safe. It needs material that can resist high temperature. Materials such as wood, iron, aluminium are really weak resisting high temperature. One of the best material is steel. Steel is not easy to melt. It has high melting temperature. Fighting a 2000 degree of celsius is still nothing to it. So, most of high-quality fireproof gun safe is built of steel. There is also a composite material such sheet rock. It is also able to withstand high temperature.

Even though this material can withstand high temperature, it’s only for some minutes. There is a system class to classify the types of a fireproof gun safe. There are 30 minutes, one hour, two hours, three hours and four hours. The fireproof gun safe is protecting from the fire all the time. Example, there happens an event of a fire. A typical house fire is about 1200 degree of Fahrenheit. The gun safe has been created to hold the heat only for one hour. After one hour, if the fire has not been extinguished, the gun can’t resist the heat anymore. So the heat comes into the inside of the gun safe. If the heat can’t be blocked, the heat will burn any content of the inside.

That’s why when you try to buy a new fireproof gun safe, make sure you buy a good fireproof gun safe class.

Fireproof gun safe is a must-have protection for our guns. It can help us hold the fire burning our best guns.

Photo credit: EES10758 via photopin (license)


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